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Why leading brands choose Guider...

Guider is easy to use and built by mentoring experts, so we handle all the admin for you.
We use AI to match and grow mentoring relationships inside organisations.
Create a learning culture that increases employee engagement, personal development & more.
Customisable mentoring programmes to drive change in areas such as D&I, Leadership & more.
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The most impactful mentoring programmes are built with Guider

How it works

We handle setup

Before the launch, Guider’s team of experts will manage the setup of the programme and generate interest from your employees.

Set specific goals

If there is a specific goal for your mentoring programme, Guider can provide custom content to help achieve this.

Make the perfect match

Our AI-powered software expertly matches the best mentors in your organisation with those looking to learn and grow.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

No need for spreadsheets or back and forth emails, let our software take care of the whole mentoring program process for you.

Measure programme impact

Guider offers valuable data and insight to monitor and report the positive impact and success of your mentoring programme.

Tackle skills gaps

We provide visibility over the skills most needed inside your organisation, as well as the ones mentors cannot provide.

“Guider has opened up and democratised mentoring at M&S. It’s really healthy to have different parts of the organisation talking and helping each other, allowing you to connect with people that you wouldn’t necessarily have met before. It’s a vital part of our organisation to be guiding each other, to ultimately deliver what both we and our customers need.“

Rob Davies

Calendar integration

Submit availability and schedule mentoring sessions with ease. We integrate with Outlook and G-Suite to keep everything in one place.

Video chat

Not in the same office? Make the most of cross-location mentoring using our integrated video chat built for mentoring sessions.

Everything else

With goal setting, messaging, and shared notes all built in, developing your people with mentoring has never been easier.

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