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Revolutionising the way organisations support and develop their people.

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Organisations want to support and develop their people.

We want to make that easy.

Accessible and scalable mentoring and coaching

A software solution to self-development within your organisation. Empower everyone to learn and grow with Guider mentoring software.

No more manual matching and spreadsheets

Our AI matching algorithm connects people across the business with the best mentors for them and their personal development needs.

Fully virtual to support working from home

With integrated video chat on the mentoring platform, Guider takes your entire programme virtual and supports remote teams.

Measure impact and report ROI

Access valuable data and insight to monitor and report the positive impact and success of your mentoring programmes.

How it works...

Simple sign up
Invite participants to join the program with a link. They make a profile in a matter of minutes.
AI matching
We connect people with the best mentors for them using a smart AI matching algorithm.
Outlook and G-Suite calendar integration for seamless availability and scheduling.
Video chat
Integrated video chat and shared notes make for easy communication between participants.
Access insightful data into your programs, participant activity, and feedback.
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Mentoring made easy: make an impact with Guider

Customer Stories

"Guider has opened up and democratised mentoring at M&S. It’s really healthy to have different parts of the organisation talking and helping each other, allowing you to connect with people that you wouldn’t necessarily have met before."

Rob Davies

Facilitating Female Leadership
How to support and develop female leaders within your organisation
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Building an Impactful Mentoring Programme
The complete guide to building, running and measuring mentoring programmes within your organisation.
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