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Helping organisations create meaningful and impactful mentoring & coaching programmes.
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Why leading brands choose Guider

The Guider team are experts in Mentoring programmes so we remove all admin and tough decisions for you.
Using AI to make learning more Human. The latest in technology perfects and automates mentor and mentee matching, removing manual work and risk for you.
Proven high employee engagement, resulting in positive career development, and get entirely new data to demonstrate higher success than traditional LMS platforms.
We love a good purpose. That’s why we hired a team of experts to help you create mentoring programmes tailored to good purpose from D&I to Women in Leadership.
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The most effective mentoring programmes are built with Guider

How it works

Let’s Start

Before the launch, Guider’s team of experts will manage the setup of the programme and generate interest from the employees

Specific Goals

If there is a specific goal for your mentoring programme, Guider can provide custom content to help achieve this.

Perfect Match

Our AI Matching tool expertly matches a mentee and mentors together, which is the key to a successful relationship.

No Admin

No need for spreadsheets or storing hundreds of profiles in your mind, let our AI-powered automated Matching tool take that headache away from you.

Programme Impact

Guider Insight is showing the effect your mentoring programme has on your company and your employee

Skill Gaps

Moreover we help you find out what skills are most needed inside your organisation and which one are not currently provided by your mentors

I matched with an incredible Mentor within seconds of signing up to Guider. It’s been so great using the platform and has given me all the guidance I need to take me to that next level. I couldn’t live without it.
Frosa Harris
Calendar Integration

Schedule mentoring meetings in 1 Click

Video Call

Hold mentoring meetings via our integrated video chat helping save time and create relationships where 2 colleagues are not in the same location

Everything Else

Users can set goals, message each other, take notes and make tasks all in one place

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