What is Mentoring Software? | Guider AI

Nicola Cronin

Mentoring software is a technology platform that facilitates the organisation and management of effective mentoring programs. Here's all you need to know...

How To Find A Great Mentor

Nicola Cronin

We’re constantly being told by TED Talks, life coaches, career advice blogs and entrepreneurs to get a mentor...but how do you actually go about finding one? We give all our tips in this guide!

How Mentoring Empowers Women In Their Careers

Nicola Cronin

Diversity in business has been proven to improve innovation and even revenue. The world needs more women in leadership roles, so how can mentoring help us get there?

The Powerful Benefits Of Mentoring

Nicola Cronin

Mentoring has the power to accelerate our self-development, career progression, and overall confidence – but it doesn't stop there. Here are the powerful benefits of mentoring for everyone involved...

How To Start A Mentoring Program: A Step By Step Guide

Nicola Cronin

Starting a mentoring program is a big task. In this guide we’ll walk you through a step by step guide on exactly how to do it, highlighting challenges and tips along the way...

Why Everyone Needs Mentoring In The Workplace

Nicola Cronin

Mentoring programs in organisations come with a whole host of benefits for both mentees, mentors, and the business. They're a complete no brainer. Here's why:

Guider Help LVMH Reach 50/50 Gender Balance Goals With Mentoring

Nicola Cronin

Guider are delighted to be working with LVMH on their UK mentoring programme aimed at supporting and empowering women into leadership roles...

How To Run A Successful Intro Session With Your Mentee

Nicola Cronin

So you’ve decided to become a mentor! Here's a step by step guide to running a successful intro session with your mentee...

Personal Development: How To Take Responsibility For It

Nicola Cronin

Self-awareness, growth and development are all hot topics, but where do you begin? Here are 6 simple ways you can take responsibility for your own personal development...