5 Essential Tips to Set Effective Goals

Nick Ross

However big your ambitions may be, one of the most effective ways of getting there is setting clear goals. Here are 5 essential tips to show you how to get started by setting effective goals:

1. Set Achievable Goals.

What do you want to achieve today, in 6 months and in 3 years? You must always put a timeline with each goal to give you a realistic chance. Here are some ideas:

Short term (Today & 6 months): Network more; Improve productivity; Learn a skillset from another employee; Get an additional qualification or certificate; Increase the number of days you exercise.

Longer term Goals: Get promoted; Win Internal recognition awards; Become a subject matter expert.

2. Make a Mentor Accountable.

If you don’t share your goals with anyone, life will find excuses and then you will most likely drop them, as no one will know. Sharing them with someone is proven to change that dramatically. Guider’s App understands the importance of this, which is why it guides both the Mentor and Mentee to set goals at the beginning of their relationship so that they are both accountable for hitting them.

3. Always Visible, Always in Writing, Always Well Phrased.

In order to regularly review your goals, they must be written down. The act of writing down goals also makes it more real. Again Guider’s App can help you achieve this, as the goals will remain at the top of the mentoring relationship for each individual user. If they are not written down, again life will get in the way, new circumstances could change goal perception and you might find that initial important goal is something entirely else now, which will have less of a positive impact on your life and career.

It’s also important to position your goal correctly. For example, don’t write “I will do more do more exercise”, do write “I will increase my weekly exercise by 2 sessions a week with a minimum of 30 mins a session”. Another example - Don’t write, “Learn more skills” Do write, “I will find a mentor in another department and learn a skill that they hold and  then master it for myself”. Also, it’s important to write phrases like “I will” instead of “I would like”.

4. Set Goals that Motivate you and Align with your Purpose

People often set generic goals because that’s the easier thing to do, this most likely won’t work. Also if the goal that you just set doesn’t sit well in your gut, this most likely won’t work. The point here is that you will much more likely succeed if you set a goal that aligns with your personality, your soul and your likes. At the end of the day setting and achieving goals is meant to be fun and rewarding, so do something YOU want to do. 

5. Stick with It!

Setting and achieving goals is all about the journey, it is not just about the result, so create a life whereby your goals are ingrained into your daily activities. And your best tip to sticking with it… follow the previous 4 tips and it should be a breeze.

So what Goal are you going to set today?