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Blueprint for All Using Mentoring to Make a Difference

March 2, 2022
Nicola Cronin

Mentoring is a powerful tool to support people of all ages, but can be particularly impactful on young people’s lives when they come to make key decisions around their education or career.

Blueprint for All believes in a future where talent is respected and nurtured irrespective of where it comes from, where organisations recognise and realise the benefits of a diverse workforce and where our communities can come together and thrive. Blueprint for All are accelerating the reach of their programmes nationally, increasing opportunities for engagement between our partners and our programmes, to ensure that impact on young people and communities never fades.

This is something Guider is incredibly passionate about as a business, and so we were delighted by the opportunity to work with Blueprint for All and support their powerful mentoring initiatives.

Mentoring is a core part of the work Blueprint for All do, helping young people grow in confidence and self-awareness with the guidance and advice of a mentor. At the same time, mentors and their organisations gain access to new and different perspectives which can help challenge systemic barriers within society. 

“Young people, particularly those from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds, need support and guidance at the start of their careers, and having diverse role models across their professions is essential to this. Our new app will pair mentees with mentors who can act as an external support network and enable them to meet their potential. We’re delighted our partners are embracing this scheme and passionately supporting mentees,” Sonia Watson, CEO of Blueprint for All.

Deciding to take this program digital using Guider’s mentoring platform meant that Blueprint for All’s mentoring scheme can positively impact more young people than ever. 

During Black History Month 2021, Blueprint for All embarked on their mission to find 100 mentors in the 30 days between National Inclusion Week and National Mentoring Day. The charity called on businesses and individuals from a range of sectors to commit to mentoring a young person from a diverse or disadvantaged background, supporting them with their career development. 

This target was hit out of the park, with 100+ mentors pledging their support in just one week.

Since then, Blueprint for All have been running multiple mentoring programmes on Guider to support different aims, helping young people to get a strong start in their career and start impactful conversations. 

Blueprint for All's Olivia Jones speaking on mentoring

In 2022,  Blueprint for All are working to develop an innovative digital platform that will connect talented and ambitious young people with opportunities in industries or businesses that would normally be out of their reach. These opportunities include work placements, internships and employment.

Organisations joining the digital platform will be able to post opportunities and benefit from access to a rich mix of talent that they often struggle to reach. Young people from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds will get the support and experience they need to enter the career of their choice. Blueprint for All aims to reach 10,000 young people in the next year – a mission which Guider are excited to be supporting them with.

🎬 Find out more about how Guider & Blueprint for All are driving social impact through mentoring below 👇🎬


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