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10 Questions for Building Self-Awareness

June 15, 2022
Frances Campbell

Self-awareness is more than just a buzzword.

It's the practice of looking at yourself honestly, without judgment, for the purpose of understanding who you are. This affects not only how we feel but how we express ourselves to others and can make us better communicators.  

When entering into a mentoring relationship, cultivating self-awareness will help both parties to make the most of the sessions. An understanding of yourself can reveal more clearly what your goals are and what’s standing in the way of achieving them, as well as what you are bringing to the sessions as a mentor.

So, to support the journey to greater self-awareness for you and your teams, we’ve put together 10 questions to get you started.

10 questions for developing self-awareness:

  1. What am I good at?

  2. What am I best at?

  3. What am I worst at?

  4. When does time flow for me?

  5. When do I feel bored?

  6. What are my values?

  7. When do I feel most energised?

  8. When have I felt successful?

  9. Where do I see myself in 5 years?

  10. What does support look like to me?

Remember to answer honestly. There are no right or wrong or good or bad answers to these questions. The goal is simply to learn more about yourself.

These questions are just a starting point, you may find you think of more or want to discuss these with a mentor or a friend. The point is to start thinking about who you are and how this relates to your professional and personal goals. Good luck! 

Want to keep these questions? Download Guider's FREE self-awareness worksheet below 👇


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