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Nicola Cronin

Mentoring software is a technology platform that facilitates the organisation and management of effective mentoring programs – saving HR and L&D teams a lot of time. 

Many businesses, universities, and organisations run internal mentoring programs to create a culture of personal development and growth.

There are many challenges that come with running a mentoring program manually, such as matching bias, managing comms, and tracking progress and success.

Mentoring software takes away those challenges. It suggests smart matches based on data, allows mentors and mentees to communicate via the platform, and tracks goals and other KPIs to help program managers report back and prove ROI.

Every industry can benefit from mentoring programs, which is why corporate mentoring software is so popular. With more and more emphasis on businesses investing in their people, mentoring is something that’s come to be expected, particularly in large organisations. 

If your company is not yet running a mentoring program, find out why they should be.

How Does Mentoring Software Work?

There are different types of mentoring software serving different purposes. However, most mentoring software will be able to manage sign up process, match mentors and mentees, measure progress and report success.

Taking Guider as an example, here’s a step by step process of how mentoring software works:

1. Make a profile:

Mentors and mentees can sign up and make a profile in minutes. 

The mentors make a profile first, submitting their experience, skills, and areas they believe they could support somebody with.

Then the mentees sign up, highlighting areas they want to work on and goals they want to achieve.

💡 We have some tips on how the program organisers can encourage sign ups to the mentoring scheme in our guide on ‘How To Start A Mentoring Program’.

2. AI-Powered matching:

Collecting data from both mentors and mentees around skills, interests, strengths, weaknesses, experience and goals – the mentee receives AI driven match suggestions based on machine learning algorithms of what makes a good mentoring relationship.

This process, that can take HR and L&D teams weeks of planning and manual matching, can be done in a matter of minutes.

3. Mentee selects mentor:

Rather than pairing mentors and mentees together automatically, Guider highlights the top suggestions of mentor to a mentee based on the AI matching. They can browse their profiles, skills and experience, and choose the one they would most like to mentor them.

We believe this makes the mentee more invested in the relationship as they have an element of choice over their mentor.

The mentee can then send a quick email straight from the platform requesting their mentorship.

4. Mentor accepts request:

If the mentor agrees that they have the skills and knowledge to help this mentee with their goals, they will accept their request on the platform and begin their relationship.

5. Intro session:

An intro, or ‘chemistry’ session, is the important first call or meeting that deciphers whether or not the mentoring relationship is relevant and beneficial. This can be scheduled and carried out over Guider’s integrated video chat, or in person in the office.

💡 For mentors: check out our guide to running a successful intro session with your mentee.

6. Plan future sessions:

All being well, the mentoring relationship will formally begin. The mentor and mentee will agree on how often they will meet, as well as set their expectations for the relationship.

Tracking progress, goals and notes within Guider helps keep everything in one place, and allows the program manager to see quantitative data such as how many sessions have been had, how many goals have been set and completed etc.

7. Conclude relationship:

Most mentoring programs run for a set amount of time, typically 6-12 months, in order to achieve specific goals. The mentee can conclude the relationship within the platform, where both parties are invited to submit feedback on their mentoring experience. This insight allows both the program manager, and the software, to get smarter and know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to mentoring!

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