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Creating more impactful Member Associations and Communities
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Cross Company Mentoring for Associations & Communities

Sometimes the best guidance is gained outside of your business or industry. Guider supports Member Associations to run member mentoring programs at scale, as well as charities and communities supporting young people and under-represented groups in their careers.
Better support member career development

Make knowledge sharing seamless with multiple tailored mentoring programs.

Members can easily seek guidance from others in your Association, developing their skills and achieving goals.
Grow a powerful community

Create more impactful connections across your Association, leading to more engaged Members.

When 89% of those with mentors go on to mentor others, investing in a world-class mentoring solution means investing in the future of your community.
Scaling a powerful legal tech community through mentorship
After experiencing the difficulty and time burden of running member mentoring programs manually,
Legal Geek turned to Guider to transform the process and reach more of their community than ever.

In the latest cohort, they connected hundreds of mentors and mentees from a range of professions across 16 countries.
Hear more below:
"I used to match mentors and mentees using post-it notes on my kitchen table, it took hours and was a really labour intensive process. Guider has made the matching and tracking process really straightforward and simple, saving me hours of time.
Ivy Wong
Program Lead, Legal Geek
How it works

Simple Sign Up

Participants join with a link and make a profile.

Mentor Matching

Mentees are instantly connected with the best mentors for them.

Seamless Scheduling

Calendar integrations makes for simple session scheduling.

Revolutionary Reporting

Access insightful data from your programmes on the platform.
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Drive real change in your Charity or NGO

Support under-represented groups and young people by providing them with access to mentorship.

Use Guider to connect mentors from a wide range of professional backgrounds with those you're helping.
Mentoring programs that make a difference

We work with life-changing programs to accelerate social mobility among under-represented groups.

 Disadvantaged Young People
 Black Entrepreneurs
 Teachers across the World
 Apprenticeship Placements
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Chat with our team about mentoring for your Association, Community or Charity to find out how Guider can help.
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