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Guider People Network

Find out more about our growing community and how to get involved.
At Guider, we see first hand the positive impact of peer to peer learning and knowledge sharing. We saw a gap in our space and wanted to create a place where people could network over shared experiences or common challenges.

Guider People Network is a fast growing community of engaged professionals working across Learning, HR, D&I, People and Talent, coming together to share ideas and best practices, ask questions and solve problems...

"I was so grateful when Danika asked me to join the GPN. This network has been so valuable and insightful to hear from others within the People space from various industries. It is important we share our knowledge amongst others to make better improvements for our employees and companies we represent. I would urge anyone who works in the HR space or has an interest in this area to join this great network!"
Rebecca Mechie
Director, Good Eggs
How the GPN works...
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