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What we do

Having launched hundreds of mentoring programs, we know it’s not just a great product needed to drive success. Our expert Customer Success team will help you get from zero, to a data-driven successful mentoring culture in no time.
Build your program

Before going live, customise your mentoring program:

Customise landing page
Build a mentor & mentee recruitment plan
White-label the platform
Customise sign-up forms
SSO and user integrations
Launch and match
Using a sophisticated mentor matching algorithm with a 96.5% matching accuracy, we customise your mentor matching:

Match within the same or different regions and countries
Match with different job level ranges
Limit the amount of relationships a mentor can have
Mentoring experience

Mentoring relationships through Guider last on average 4.2% longer than relationships run without Guider. Why? Because of our expertise in the mentoring experience:

Nudges if users have gone quiet
Goal setting and milestones
Feedback surveys
Mentor and mentee training
Resource library
MS Teams, Outlook, Google, Zoom
Measure success
Let Guider guarantee you hit your success criteria and help align it to your overall business goals. Our real-time metrics gives you access to:

Live data dashboard
Engagement metrics
Skills Reports aligning to your program objectives
84% of Guider users say that mentoring is having a positive impact on their life.
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