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Frances Campbell
5 Simple Steps To Start a Reverse Mentoring Program

Interested in starting a reverse mentoring program? With mentoring software it doesn't need to be difficult. Follow our 5 simple steps to get started.

Frances Campbell
Self-Confidence, Setting Workplace Boundaries, and Navigating Male-Dominated Industries with Charlotte Fuller

This week we're joined by Charlotte Fuller to talk about some of the challenges women face navigating male dominated workplaces. With actionable tips, this week's episode is not to be missed.

Frances Campbell
The Benefits of Coaching vs Mentoring

There are many benefits to workplace coaching and mentoring. We’re here to help you understand the key benefits of mentoring vs coaching to make the best decision for your organisation.

Colby Brown
Why Mentoring is Essential for Sales Leaders

Through sales mentoring, you can attract, retain and develop your sales team, and with Guider's mentoring platform, this can happen virtually through one simple software solution. Find out more here.

Frances Campbell
Diversity in the Police, Tokenism and Small Wins With Moses Williams

Another fantastic episode of the Guided podcast is now live. Listen here as we speak to Moses Williams on his fascinating journey from the police force to corporate DE&I.

Frances Campbell
Retain and Develop Your Engineers With Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship

Mentoring, coaching and sponsorship provide the learning solution you need to prevent employee churn in engineering teams. This article explores how to retain and develop talented engineers through mentoring.

Nicola Cronin
How to Improve Diversity and Inclusion With Mentoring

Mentoring is an effective and accessible way for organisations to improve diversity and inclusion. Here are the top reasons why.

Frances Campbell
How to Run a Successful Mentoring Event

If you want to increase employee engagement with mentoring, then running a mentoring event is a great idea. In this article we answer the how, when and why of running a mentoring event, including mentoring event ideas.

Frances Campbell
Menopause at Work: Breaking Stigma and Retaining Top Talent With Julie Dennis

Episode 7 of the Guided podcast has landed. This week, we talk to Julie Dennis for a World Menopause Day special. Listen here.

Aisha Prince
The Keys to a Good Mentoring Relationship

Mentoring relationships can easily lose momentum or fail. Follow this guide to ensure you create a good mentoring relationship that is inspiring and fulfilling.

Frances Campbell
Why Mentoring Programs Fail

Some mentoring programs will fail. Thankfully, we’re here to help you learn from common mentoring program mistakes and create a mentoring program that lasts. Follow these top tips to get your mentoring program running right!

Frances Campbell
Opening Up the Conversation About Equity and Equality With Marcel De Jonghe

The latest episode of Guided is here. We talk to Marcel De Jonghe on equity and equality in this fascinating and packed podcast episode. Listen here and learn with Guider.

Frances Campbell
How to Build Psychological Safety at Work and in Workplace Mentoring

Creating the right environment for workplace mentoring means creating trust and psychological safety. But what does psychological safety mean in the workplace and how do I build it? This guide answers all your questions!

Frances Campbell
Allyship in the Workplace, Inclusive Leadership and Microagressions with Chloë Gillard

The latest episode of the Guided podcast is here. We speak to Chloë Gillard from Version 1 about allyship, inclusive leadership, microaggressions and more. Listen in for more!

Frances Campbell
Guider People Network Presents: Inclusion in the Workplace

Our first in-person Guider People Network event looked at key issues and solutions for creating workplace inclusion. If you missed our fireside session, catch-up here.

Frances Campbell
Inclusive Hiring, Skills-Based Recruitment and Accessibility with Joseph Williams

In episode 4 of Guided, we're joined by CEO of Clu, Joseph Williams, who talks to us about inclusive hiring, skills-based recruitment and why accessibility matters.

Frances Campbell
Representation in Leadership and Gender Equality in the Workplace with Mike Sealy

Episode 3 of Guided has landed! This week we discuss representation in leadership and gender equality with Mike Sealy from Informa Markets. Listen and learn with us here.

Frances Campbell
Want to Improve Your Employee Onboarding Experience? Try Mentoring

Through mentoring for onboarding you can improve time to competency, make your onboarding process more inclusive and create a community that your new hires want to be a part of. Find out more about how mentoring can improve your employee onboarding here.

Frances Campbell
Developing Young Leaders, Supporting Your Gen-Z Workforce and Finding Role Models with Andra Enache

Episode 2 of Guided is now live! This week we talk about developing young leaders with Andra Enache from NTT Data. Tune in to find out more.

Jessica Day, Dialpad
How to Establish Trust Through Workplace Mentoring

Trust is essential for every business, but how can you build it? Find out how workplace mentoring can build trust in your organisation.

Frances Campbell
How to Expand Your Diversity & Inclusion Mentoring Program

Our latest roundtable from the Guider People Network looked at how to expand diversity and inclusion mentoring programs. Missed the session? We’ve got you covered!

Frances Campbell
Disability, Intersectionality & Inclusion in the Workplace With Priyaneet Kainth

Listen now to the first episode in our brand new podcast, Guided. We're talking to diversity and inclusion expert, Priyaneet Kainth, about disability, intersectionality and inclusion at work.

Jeunais Farrell
Common Mentoring Myths (and How to Bust Them)

These common mentoring myths might be holding you back from starting a mentoring program. Read on to find out the truth...

Frances Campbell
Mentoring FAQs

Find out the answers to the top frequently asked questions about mentoring and mentoring software.

Frances Campbell
21 Questions for Inspiring Great Conversations

Looking to start better conversations in your mentoring sessions? We’ve got you covered with our 21 questions to start great conversations, which includes a free downloadable sheet!

Frances Campbell
When Should I Invest in Mentoring Software?

Wondering when to invest in mentoring software over taking a DIY approach? This article will help you decide if mentoring software is for you.

Frances Campbell
10 Questions for Building Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is an important life skill to develop and it’s especially important if you are starting a mentoring relationship. Here are 10 questions to help you develop self-awareness today!

Frances Campbell
The Cost of Not Doing Mentoring is Too Great to Ignore

We know the benefits of mentoring, but have you thought about what the cost of not implementing a program could be? We break it down in this article.

Frances Campbell
How to Avoid Rainbow-Washing This Pride Month

If you’re looking for tangible, impactful ways to support LGBTQ+ employees, and avoid the dreaded rainbow-washing, this article is here to help.

Frances Campbell
Retaining Female Talent Amid the Great Resignation

Reports of the great resignation have shown record numbers of job leavers in 2021. But how does this affect female talent in particular and what can you do about it?

Frances Campbell
Mentoring for Mental Health: Designing the Right Program for Your Employees

Want to use mentoring to support the mental health of your colleagues? If you’re designing a mentoring program to support a specific group of employees then putting their needs at the heart of your design is vital. Find out how here.

Frances Campbell
The Top Characteristics of a Great Mentor

Becoming a mentor is an incredibly rewarding experience, yet many people just don’t believe that they’re ready. So what are the top characteristics of a mentor and what should you do if you already have them?

Frances Campbell
Guider + Clyde & Co Learning Technologies Seminar: Harnessing the Power of Your People to Scale Social Learning

At this years Learning Technologies conference, Guider were joined by clients Clyde & Co to lead a seminar on how mentoring can help you to scale social learning in your organisation. Missed the seminar? Catch up here.

Frances Campbell
Why Your Organisation Needs a Flash Mentoring Program

Flash mentoring is a type of mentoring that focusses on short-term, quick mentoring sessions that drive learning. It's a fantastic way to introduce mentoring in your organisation and make room for social learning. Find out more about what flash mentoring is in this article.

Frances Campbell
5 Reasons to Start a Peer Mentoring Program

A highly effective addition to your mentoring culture, peer to peer mentoring has wide-ranging benefits. Find out the top reasons to start a peer mentoring program today.

Frances Campbell
What is Group Mentoring? A Complete Guide

Group mentoring is a highly effective mentoring type that you can employ in your organisation to build networks and share learning. This article runs through everything you need to know.

Chika Jones
5 Mentoring Lessons From Influential Women

One way to support women is through impactful mentoring. A study found that 87 percent of mentors and mentees feel empowered by the relationship and reported greater confidence and career satisfaction.

Nicola Cronin
Why Every Organisation Needs a 'Head of Mentoring'

Mentoring frequently gets de-prioritised in organisations and cannot scale. The solution comes in the form of a job role that seldom exists. Here's why every organisation needs a 'Head of Mentoring'.

Chika Jones
How Mentoring Software Works

As more organisations create mentoring programs, the need for mentoring software becomes more apparent.‍ But how does mentoring software work?

Nicola Cronin
What Is a Mentor? Definition, Purpose & More

Looking for mentorship? Mentors are incredibly value in our personal and professional development, but what is a mentor exactly? Here is all you need to know.

Nicola Cronin
The Importance of Mentoring in the Workplace

Workplace mentoring comes with a whole host of benefits for both mentees, mentors, and the business itself. Here's why everyone needs a mentoring program including mentoring statistics, benefits and advice on starting a program.

Nicola Cronin
Coaching and Mentoring: What's the Difference?

Coaching and mentoring exist for the same purpose in learning and development but differ in approach and format. Find out more about the key similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring in this article.

Nicola Cronin
How to Start a Mentoring Program: A Step by Step Guide

In this step-by-step guide, we talk you through how to start a mentoring program in your organisation. From design to proving return on investment. You don't have to have corporate mentoring software in place to do this, but it certainly helps!

Nicola Cronin
The Positive Impact of Mentoring on Mental Health

In honour of Time To Talk Day, we wanted to focus on the positive impact mentoring has been proven to have on mental health.

Giorgia Alessandrini
Making Your Workplace LGBTQ+ Inclusive

An inclusive workforce is one that factors in everyone, and treats them equally. In honour of Pride Month, we've put together a guide on how to make your workplace more LGBTQ inclusive.

Nicola Cronin
How Reed Are Supporting Women in Tech Through Mentoring

Reed and Guider have partnered to accelerate the growth of their Women in Tech Mentoring Programme in 2022.

Kayleigh Frost
The Best Communication Techniques for Mentors

Successful mentoring is built on trust and open communication. Here are some techniques for mentors to establish good communication with your mentee.

Neelie Kaifer
Mentoring in 2022: Beat the Great Resignation

Find out how mentoring can help you retain and attract talent in 2022, as well as support hybrid working.

Aisha Prince
How to Create a Mentoring Culture in Your Workplace

Take mentoring to the next level in your organisation by working on building a mentoring culture. Here are some of our top suggestions for going beyond a mentoring program.

Aisha Prince
Top Mentoring Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Mentoring programs don't come without their challenges. Whether you're a program lead, a mentor, or a mentee, here are some ways to overcome the top mentoring challenges.

Aisha Prince
How to Maintain Mentoring Momentum

One of the top reasons mentoring programmes fail is they run out of momentum. This guide features tips for organisations and participants to make sure mentoring doesn't run out of steam.

Aisha Prince
How to Scale a Mentoring Program

Want your mentoring programme benefits to be felt beyond a small group? The following tips will help you scale a mentoring program and positively impact more employees.

Nicola Cronin
Harnessing the Power of Our People: Mentoring at Clyde & Co

Clyde & Co are building powerful global connections through mentoring with Guider, and making connections across the globe...

Nicola Cronin
How to Recruit Mentors & Mentees to Your Mentoring Programme

Struggling to recruit mentors and mentees? Here are our top suggestions to promote your mentoring programme...

Lucy Hudson
The Best Way to Structure a Mentoring Program

Looking to start or scale a mentoring program? Here are our 5 tips to help structure your mentoring program. Whether you're looking for onboarding mentoring or leadership mentoring, these tips can help you to structure programs for any type of mentoring. Read more here to make the most out of mentoring.

Remi Jordyn
4 Important HR Metrics to Track

Monitoring HR metrics is more important than ever in the aftermath of 2020. With many people still working from home, HR metrics like engagement and productivity need to be prioritised.

Nicola Cronin
How to Champion Women in the Workplace

Our latest webinar addressed the varying challenges different women face at work, and how we can better champion women on a business and individual level.

Kelly Lowe
10 Ways to Encourage Employees to Focus on Self-Care

Self-care is more important than ever before, especially for companies that want a thriving workforce. Here are 10 tips you can use to encourage employees to focus on self-care.

Nicola Cronin
Why Mentoring Is Important

A summary of one of our latest webinar discussions – learn from our expert speakers why mentoring is essential in 2021.

Aisha Prince
5 Top Tips for Succession Planning

Succession planning is critical in businesses to ensure a smooth process when employees move on or retire. Here are 5 tips to help get it right.

Danika Patel
11 Inspirational Lessons From Powerful Female Leaders

A collection of inspirational lessons, stories, and advice from female CEOs and leaders across a range of industries in celebration of International Women's Day.

Aisha Prince
How To Match Mentors and Mentees

Successfully matching mentors and mentees is crucial to successful mentoring relationships! This guide explains the different approaches to mentor and mentee matching including using mentoring software.

Aisha Prince
6 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is critical for businesses, as it impacts everything from retention to productivity. Here are 6 ways to increase employee development.

Aisha Prince
The Importance of Upskilling and Reskilling Your Workforce

After the impact of Covid-19, a top priority for organisations is upskilling and reskilling their workforce. Find out more.

Nicola Cronin
Get the Most Out of Your Mentoring Relationship in 2021

How to make the most out of your mentoring relationship this National Mentoring Month, whether you use Guider Mentoring software or not.

Nicola Cronin
Mentoring Entrepreneurs: Interview With EY Mentor Ashish Kukreti

Guider are delighted to support EY in their Entrepreneur of the Year programme to help match talented entrepreneurs with experienced business mentors from a huge range of fields.

Aisha Prince
How EY and Guider are Making Mentoring Accessible to Young People

Guider has teamed up with the EY Foundation to bring easy, accessible mentoring to more young people from low-income backgrounds.

Sarilaya Cada
Why Project Management Skills are Important for HR

HR professionals can learn a lot from Project Management to develop their skills and advance in their career.

Anushka Sharda
6 Employee Wellbeing Areas to Focus on in 2021

Employee wellbeing has a direct correlation with increased engagement, productivity, and ultimately profitability. Here are 6 areas your organisation should be addressing in 2021.

Sarah Parks
5 Ways to Champion Diversity and Inclusion in Remote Teams

Diversity and inclusion are crucial aspects of today's workplace, but with more and more people working remotely, businesses need to re-consider how to address them.

Steven Ferreira
How Businesses Can Retain Graduates and Attract Gen-Z Employees

The latest wave of graduates entering the workforce belong to Gen Z, and bring with them a new set of values and priorities. Here is how businesses can adapt and retain their top graduates

Aisha Prince
5 Ways to Support Employee Mental Health While WFH

With more and more people suffering from mental health issues as a result of Covid-19, it's never been more important for businesses to support their employees' mental health.

Nicola Cronin
How to Measure the Success of a Mentoring Programme

Workplace mentoring is traditionally difficult to track, but it doesn't have to be. Here's how to measure the success of your mentoring programmes.

Nicola Cronin
Leadership Mentoring: Develop Your Leaders Through Mentorship

Good leadership is essential for growth. Here's how a leadership mentoring programme can develop both the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Nicola Cronin
7 Ways to Improve Employee Development in Your Organisation

Employee development is vital in order to keep people engaged, growing, and fulfilled at work. With corporate training often not producing the desired results, here are 7 ways organisations can improve employee development.

Rowena Godley
3 Steps to Promote Gender Equality & Inclusivity

As we continue to fight for gender equality in business and strive to create inclusive workplaces, here are 3 simple steps organisations can take to help.

Nicola Cronin
A Complete Guide to Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring is a powerful way of boosting employee engagement, sharing knowledge and developing skills. In this guide, we share everything you need to know about this type of mentoring.

Nicola Cronin
Racial Diversity in the Workplace: Boosting Representation in Leadership

Businesses and individuals must turn their words into actions to ensure they make long-lasting positive change for racial diversity in the workplace. Here are just some ways to make a difference.

Nicola Cronin
Mentoring a New Generation of Software Developers: Interview with Dragos Nedelcu

Guider interviewed software engineer coach and mentor Dragos Nedelcu about the importance of mentorship in tech.

Nicola Cronin
Virtual Mentoring: How to Make it Work

Virtual mentoring is becoming more commonplace in our modern world. This guide talks you through how to run a virtual mentoring program, use mentoring software and how to overcome any challenges.

Ben Atlas
How Failure Leads to Success

From a young age we learn failure is something to be feared, but without it, we would learn and grow at a much slower pace. This is how embracing failure leads to success.

Ben Atlas
The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

Self-talk is the running dialogue inside our heads, and it can have a bigger impact on us that we realize. Here's a complete guide to positive self-talk with practical pointers

Nicola Cronin
How Guider’s Partners Are Making A Difference During Covid-19

As Coronavirus leaves a quarter of the world’s population in lockdown, more and more businesses are taking action to support any way they can. Guider are incredibly proud to work with organisations making an impact.

Nicola Cronin
How Virtual Mentoring Supports Remote Teams

As we make our homes our offices during Covid-19, having support and guidance is essential across all areas of a business. Here's how virtual mentoring can support remote teams working from home.

Nicola Cronin
How to Run a Productive Mentoring Session

It's important for mentoring sessions to follow a structure to ensure they stay on track. Here's how to run a productive mentoring session.

Nicola Cronin
Marks & Spencer Making a Difference With Mentoring

We are working with Marks & Spencer to create mentoring culture throughout their organisation. The results speak for themselves.

Nick Ross, CEO
How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve Them

Learning how to set goals effectively can be the key difference in actually achieving them. Here are our top 5 tips to setting goals.

Nicola Cronin
Mentoring Statistics: The Research You Need to Know

We've compiled all of the key mentoring statistics and research into one place. Whether you're looking to learn more about mentoring, or need some killer stats to support your mentoring program at work, look no further.

Nicola Cronin
The Different Types Of Mentoring and How To Use Them

There are many different types of mentoring, and they can be used in different ways to achieve certain business objectives. We clear it all up in this guide.

Nicola Cronin
National Mentoring Month 2022: 6 Ways You Can Get Involved

January is National Mentoring Month, but what does that mean and how can you get involved? Here's everything you need to know.

Nicola Cronin
10 Personal & Career Development Goals For 2021 (That Are Actually Achievable)

New year, new you? As we enter a new year, decide what you want to achieve by setting personal and career development goals! Here are some ideas.

Nicola Cronin
How to Be a Good Mentee: Guider's Top Tips

The more you put into a mentoring relationship, the more you'll get out of it. Here are our top tips for being a good mentee.

Nicola Cronin
How to Be a Good Mentor: Guider's Top Tips

The difference between a good and a bad mentor can be life-changing. Here are Guider's top tips on how to be a good mentor to help you get it right.

Nicola Cronin
What is Mentoring Software? | Guider

Mentoring software is a technology platform that facilitates the organisation and management of effective mentoring programs. With uses across mentoring, coaching and more, mentoring platforms are a game-changer for organisations. Here's all you need to know about mentoring software and how it works.

Nicola Cronin
How to Find a Great Mentor

Everyone knows that a mentor can help your career development - but how do you go about finding one? This is our guide to getting a mentor.

Nicola Cronin
How Mentoring Empowers Women in their Careers

Diversity in business has been proven to improve innovation and even revenue. The world needs more women in leadership roles, so how can mentoring help us get there?

Nicola Cronin
The Powerful Benefits Of Mentoring

The benefits of mentoring are broad for mentors, mentee and businesses. From improved confidence for participants to increased retention rates for organisations - here are the powerful benefits of mentoring for everyone involved in depth.

Nicola Cronin
Guider Help LVMH Reach 50/50 Gender Balance Goals With Mentoring

Guider are delighted to be working with LVMH on their UK mentoring programme aimed at supporting and empowering women into leadership roles.

Nicola Cronin
How to Run a Successful Mentoring Intro Session With Your Mentee

Becoming a mentor is an exciting opportunity. Here's a step by step guide to running a successful intro session with your mentee to start your relationship on the right track.

Nicola Cronin
Personal Development: How to Take Responsibility for it

Self-awareness, growth and development are all hot topics, but where do you begin? Here are 6 simple ways you can take responsibility for your own personal development...

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