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Mentoring Resources
Discover our latest E-books and webinars to guide and support your mentoring journey.

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Perfecting the Employee Experience
Why employees join, stay, and leave organisations – and what employers can do about it.
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Types & Uses of Workplace Mentoring
Our latest e-book covers the different types & uses of workplace mentoring to help you decide the best way to develop your employees.
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Differentiate your People Experience with a Learning & Mentoring Culture
Guider and Learnerbly bring you this guide to bringing great talent in and upskilling the talent that you already have.
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Mentoring, Coaching & Sponsorship
A guide to the differences and complimenting elements of mentoring, coaching & sponsorship. Learn how to maximise all three personal development practices in your employee toolkit.
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The Business Case for Mentoring
Use our business case toolkit to help you champion mentoring in your organisation. From benefits, to design tips, to a proposal framework for your stakeholders, use this handy guide to build a business case for mentoring.
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Mentoring for Diversity & Inclusion
A guide to mentoring for Diversity and Inclusion purposes in organisations: how it works and how to get it right.
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The ROI Of Mentoring
Mentoring can be hard to measure. With this guide, discover how to successfully measure and prove the impact of mentoring within your organisation.
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Facilitating Female Leadership
Supporting and developing female leaders within your organisation is critical. Use this guide to accelerate the leadership development of your female employees.
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Building A Mentoring Program
The complete guide to building, running and measuring workplace mentoring programs. Whether doing it manually or using a platform like Guider, this resource will help you every step of the way.
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An Introduction To Mentoring
Our introduction to workplace mentoring, including tips for businesses, mentors and mentees. If you're new to mentoring, start here!
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Transform & Scale Mentoring in 2022
Learn why you should and how you can scale your mentoring initiatives in 2022. Hear from global law firm Clyde & Co as to how they
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How Mentoring Creates Inclusive Workplaces
In partnership with Deloitte, this webinar shines a spotlight on mentoring can support diversity, inclusion and belonging within an organisation.
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Championing Women in the Workplace
An IWD special, catch up on our panel discussion about how organisations and individuals can better champion women in the workplace.
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Why Mentoring Is Essential In 2021
This panel with industry leading experts addresses the impact and reward of mentoring, with tips for how businesses can utilise mentoring in 2021.
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Maintaining Mentoring Momentum
This webinar covers our practical suggestions for programme leads and mentors / mentees to ensure mentoring doesn't lose momentum.
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How To Make Virtual Mentoring Work
2020 saw the world of work turn virtual. In this webinar, the Guider team discuss the need for virtual mentoring right now, the common reasons it doesn't work, and how to overcome them.
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People Development in the Time of Remote Work
Watch this panel discussion on how employee development has been impacted by working from home.
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