➤ Senior Full-Stack Developer (Remote)

This is an exciting opportunity for a Full Stack Engineer to join our dynamic, product-led company. This is a role for an ambitious individual, who is motivated by the unparalleled upside of joining a company at our stage while working from anywhere in Europe.

The Company & Product

Guider is an Enterprise SaaS platform, selling mentoring and coaching solutions, allowing employees to find mentors and coaches within their organisation, and guides them through these relationships. We enable employees to reach their personal development goals, as well as help mentors become better leaders. Guider’s platform is used across Diversity & Inclusion, Women in Leadership, High-Potentials and many other initiatives.


The Role


At Guider we want to hire people with the experiences necessary to get going quickly, but who are also interested in learning new things and are comfortable working in a changing environment. Here are some of the things we think will be valuable:


Please apply to tom@guider-ai.com