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Empower your people in their careers with mentoring
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Career mentoring

Career direction is the most commonly desired goal by mentees on Guider

One of the biggest benefits of mentoring is gaining a sense of career development and direction from another person. Through Guider Mentoring Platform, we connect thousands of mentees with mentors who can support them to identify their career path, strengths, and goals.
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Improve your employee experience by making mentoring accessible

Career development and direction shouldn't be limited to certain employees. Mentoring enables you to support and inspire people at every level of your organisation.
91% of employees with mentors are satisfied in their jobs

Investing in mentoring for your employees means investing in the future of your workforce, because satisfied employees stay at organisations longer.
Enhancing Career Development with Guider
Guider is helping Global law firm Clyde & Co provide every employee with equal opportunity to mentorship. Creating impactful mentoring relationships across the firm, accelerating people's career development, and helping everyone feel that little bit more connected.
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“Using Guider to find my mentor and then working with them on a monthly basis has already helped me immensely in my career, particularly in goal setting and career planning.”
Emma Hughes
Senior Associate, Clyde & Co
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Connect hundreds of employees into mentoring matches with Guider

Our platform allows you to scale Career Development Mentoring and impact more people than ever:

☑︎ Automate matching employees based on desired and offered skills

☑︎ Access insightful data into employee development and discover skills gaps

☑︎ Support with promotion, training, and engagement

☑︎ Exclusive resources to help your people get the most from their relationship

Employee mentoring
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