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Keep afloat while your teams work remote...
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Virtual Mentoring for Remote Workforces

The modern workforce is distributed. Increase motivation, productivity and community in your teams while reducing feelings of isolation. All through the power of your people.
Build a learning culture no matter where your people are

Mentoring helps people grow and develop, which is even more crucial when you're not in the office.

Create and nurture a strong community and break down silos by connecting your people through mentoring.
Custom programs to support your needs

Sharing knowledge and supporting each other can transform your remote workforce.

Whether you want to support new joiners, parents or management, create custom mentoring programs to have the most impact for your business.
Global mentoring through the pandemic
Over the course of 2020, M&S not only kept their UK teams connected and supported via virtual mentoring, but also expanded into Greece. In challenging times, connecting people across the business to share experiences and learn from one another had a huge impact.
"I’m so happy that I got to use Guider. It’s a great opportunity for every colleague to develop their skills and so important to meet new people from within the M&S community".
Giorgos Kinigopoulos
Learning and Development Specialist, M&S
Integrations to support Virtual Mentoring
MS Teams, Outlook, Google, Zoom
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